Ultrasound guidance for Urology

With high-resolution, real-time imaging, ultrasound is an excellent tool for guiding biopsies and other urology procedures.

Advance Diagnostic Confidence with the Gold Standard in Urology Ultrasound Imaging

BK ultrasound systems have been used by urologists for more than 30 years. Our systems offer unparalleled image quality with a comprehensive range of sterilizable transducers designed for urology. Our innovative Prostate Triplane Transducer is like no other. It is the only urology transducer that allows you to shift between simultaneous biplane and endfire imaging modes at the touch of a button and without removing the transducer from the patient.

BK Ultrasound systems provide superb image quality for advanced kidney imaging, measurement and biopsy. See anatomical details and variations, measure flow and find kidney stones. Visualize blood flow in testes and the penile arteries with highly-sensitive color Doppler. Learn more about the bk3000 and Flex Focus 500.

Innovative urology transducers provide superb imaging

  • Kidney, bladder and testis
  • Versatile transducers for outstanding abdominal imaging.
  • Advanced linear array transducers provide wide field of view.
  • Prostate Transducers
  • Transducers for ultrasound-guided therapies designed for precision, convenience, and gold-standard prostate imaging.

View our urology transducers.

Exceptional Prostate Imaging

Quantum Technology™ offers advanced contrast resolution and gray scale maps for unparalleled prostate images. View real-time prostate images in sagittal and transverse planes for faster examinations and biopsy procedures.  Perform biopsies using the unique triplane transducer with simultanous biplane and endfire imaging capabilities. Superior needle guidance with convenient sterile, single-use needle guides.

Ultrasound-Guided Prostate Therapy

Manage treatment of prostate patients with greater confidence using ultrasound-guided prostate brachytherapy and cryotherapy techniques. Advanced imaging features, dedicated transducers, and measurement and calculation packages help differentiate and visualize tissue structures and changes more efficiently. Brachytherapy tools, including the biplane transducer and connection to planning systems, enable smooth workflow. Learn more about the bk3000 and Flex Focus 500.

Combination of MRI with real-time ultrasound for more accurate biopsies

The BioJetTM fusion system overlays real-time ultrasound images from the Flex Focus with MRI identified lesions to provide real-time guidance during prostate biopsies. Targeted biopsies potentially reduce the incidence of under or over-treatment of prostate lesions. The combination of the Flex Focus and the BioJet system supports both transperineal and transrectal biopsy methods.

Fast and efficient ultrasound imaging for renal imaging

Ultrasonography of the kidney for renal imaging is inexpensive, safe, and fast. Renal ultrasound provides information about the size, shape, and outer-shell thickness of the kidney to screen for kidney stones, cysts, and masses.

Ultrasound-guided urology treatments

Manage treatment of patients with greater confidence using ultrasound-guided prostate brachytherapy, prostate cryotherapy, renal cryotherapy, and radiofrequency ablation techniques.

Watch the video to learn more about Brachytherapy and transperineal mapping biopsies from Dr. Brian Moran at the Chicago Prostate Center.


BK Ultrasound offers a wide range of ultrasound products for urology. Learn more about the bk3000, Flex Focus 500 and our transducers.


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