Sonic Window

A handheld ultrasound device designed to improve first stick success of peripheral intravenous access.

Ultra-Compact Handheld Ultrasound

A self-contained, portable ultrasound device, Sonic Window* operates on a rechargeable battery, without power cables or a cart. It is designed to improve success with difficult vascular access by helping clinicians to better assess and visually guide cannulations. Small and easy to fit in a pocket, Sonic Window is easy to carry so you’ll always have it at hand.

Designed to Increase First Stick Success 

Sonic Window acts as a window through the skin and into the body, providing clinicians with a portable ultrasound device that provides clear, easy-to-interpret images of vessels up to 3 cm deep on a real-time display. Visit the Sonic Window uses and applications page for more information.


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*Sonic Window is not available in all countries.