SonixTouch Q+

Touch Screen, Customizable Ultrasound System

SonixTouch Q+ is an easy-to-use high performance ultrasound system with excellent image quality. It's a compact, cart-based system with a small footprint.

  • High Resolution Imaging with Advanced Technologies

    • Efficient and fast performance
    • High Resolution 19” LED monitor
    • Sensitive color Doppler with excellent spatial resolution and sensitivity
    • Motion Compensated Angular Compound Imaging (MACI) ensures high quality real-time images using camera imaging technology
    • Advanced imaging modes such as Spatial Compounding, 3D/4D imaging, Panoramic imaging, and Elastography

    Flexible and Easy to Use

    • Fully programmable touch screen for easy customization
    • Double full swivel wheels for easy maneuverability in tight spaces
    • Adjustable monitor and console for greater operator comfort
    • Easy-to-clean color touch screen with a wide viewing angle for controls at your fingertips
    • Innovative Needle Guidance

    Innovative Needle Guidance

    • SonixGPS helps improve the speed and accuracy of difficult procedures
    • SonixShine needle enhancement technology illuminates needle in-plane with the touch of a button
    • Ideal for guiding needle placement during interventional procedures

    Optimized Workflow and Patient Management

    • SonixHub - streamlines your credentialing, billing and quality assurance processes
    • Barcode reader and wireless access simplifies patient information into and out of the system
    • SonixCam - HD recording of complete procedures for educational needs

    *SonixTouch Q+ is not currently available in the People's Republic of China. Please click here for information on the SonixTouch as an alternative option.

    **Not all transducers support SonixGPS and SonixShine


    System Features

    Quantum Plus Software Maximizes Imaging Performance


    Stable Twin Casters and Directional Locks 


    Easily Adjust Height and Console Position


    Durable, Crack-Resistant Transducer Holders



Freehand Elastography Imaging offers real-time feedback of tissue stiffness. Our Elastography module uses fast and sensitive algorithms to generate images showing tissue stiffness by measuring strain distributions in tissues in response to external compression.  Strain ratio measurements are used to quantify the relative stiffness between the lesion and surrounding tissue.

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Record complete procedures with SonixCAM. Designed primarily to facilitate training, SonixCAM uses an adjustable HD camera to stream and record high-quality videos of the procedure and the ultrasound image in one digital file directly on the ultrasound machine.

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Record, playback, archive and share ultrasound videos with SonixDVR. SonixDVR lets you record up to 60 minutes of an ultrasound exam in high definition.

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SonixGPS - a revolutionary ultrasound guidance positioning system. Using multiple position sensors, including one embedded in the transducer, Sonix GPS provides unique ultrasound guidance for complex procedures such as nerve blocks, vascular acces and prostate biopsies.

Learn more about SonixGPS needle guidance technology.


Hub 3.0 from Sonix: Credentialing and billing made simpleCredentialing and biling made simple with SonixHub Reduce the time, costs and paperwork associated with managing a busy ultrasound program or practice. SonixHub streamlines your credentialing, billing and quality assurance processes on an integrated software platform.

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